Hello guys, i know it’s been a long time😣 and i’m sincerely sorry about that🤗.So the topic i’ld be writing about today is something we all know is basically trending all over the world.

I did my research before i finally understood that most men do not value virgins nowadays. I recently put a picture on my whatsapp display picture saying “Ask me anything and i’ld answer honestly and many asked me if i was still a virgin. I in return asked them what they think and most of them were like “you are not a virgin for sure” “you can’t possibly be” “when you are not ancient”.

I decided to burst their bubbles by saying i was a virgin and i thought i was going to be appreciated and the replies i got literally got me shook.

Many of them sent me messages of disgust telling me how ancient i am, telling me how disgusting it was still being a virgin. One even told me to enjoy my life as men nowadays don’t value virgins…i obviously know that’s a lie,ofcourse there would be some who still value virgins.

I got to realise this was probably the reason why my fellow ladies give in freely to their boyfriends. I have a question to ask though ,so if i have to date like five boys in my lifetime, i need to have sex with them all? It just dosen’t make sense to me and i believe sex is something very deep; so deep that you can’t just give it out freely especially to people that don’t deserve it. Trust me, i’m not a saint, i know a lot about sex and it’s probably more reasons i feel it shouldn’t be given out freely. Two naked bodies ain’t a joke!

 I believe not being a virgin should be a thing of choice and not because one coconut head wants to force you to do it. Ladies, you are precious!My mom used to tell me this “A man that truly loves you won’t force you to have sex with him, if he truly loves you, he’s gonna wait!”

If you keep opening leg for every Tom, dick and harry, then what are you going to give to your husband? I rest my case sha🤗

So what do you guys think? I’ld appreciate your comments so i would know maybd there is something i don’t understand.


My First ever relationship!

My childhood was filled with lots of memories as i was very childlish. I would play with children younger than me. This didnt change when i gained admission into junior secondary school. Sometimes i would forget my school bag in school. It was only with God’s miracle that i used to pass (God loves me).

All these changed when i got to the senior class. My friends were not like me, they were “big girls” and were always neat, so i decided to emulate them. Boys were all over them, not that i was ugly but they still considered me a child. I didnt exactly know what dating meant at that time, i sha knew that all my friends had boyfriends and they used to leave me to go and meet them. They didn’t talk in open spaces where people would see them and i thought, maybe that was what dating entailed.

During the holiday, “2GO” was the most popular application then and if you weren’t on 2go then, you would be considered as not classy. Luckily for me, i was on “2go”. So one day, a guy chatted me up and i was happy that i was going to have a boyfriend too. He was my senior in school ( i was in ss1 and he was in ss3). He told me how he had always admired me and how he would like to me be his girlfriend. I didnt care whether he liked me or not, i just wanted a boyfriend like my friends so i accepted to be his girlfriend. We would chat and chat(sometimes on Facebook and othertimes on 2go). We both couldn’t wait to resume so we would see each other. I was more excited because i would finally be going to secret places like my friends too.

First day of resumption arrived, and i was very nervous. I would be talking with my boyfriend face-to-face and not on any social media app again. I didn’t tell anybody i was dating him and i made him promise me too. I just couldn’t put myself to telling my friends i was in a relationship( i was just too shy). I was very beautiful on the first day and i needed no soul to tell me. 

As i was catching up with my friends , he just passed by my class. My heart was beating fast and i was sure some of my friends noticed. I couldn’t stop thinking about him all through the school hours. I couldn’t wait for us to go to secret places to talk too. After school hours, he sent a junior to call me and my heart went “skrrr pa pa” I went to meet him at the junior block and i couldn’t even face him. He was laughing and i knew i had embarassed myself( that was how shy i was). All through the conversation, i was just looking down and trembling and i couldn’t wait for the conversation to be over.I was relieved when he told me he was leaving and i quickly replied “me too”. He held my hand and he said “wont you even hug me atleast?I had never been in that kind of situation so my fear multiplied. I thought i was going to get pregnant and many other assumptions ran through my mind. I told him i couldn’t hug him and he agreed reluctantly. 

When i got home on that day, many thoughts ran through my mind. “Is that what my friends do with their boyfriends  or do they do worse”. To me, hugging a guy was such a big deal, i thought hugging should be saved until your are married. I started thinking what if he demands for a kiss, i would just slap him and call him a rapist. I also decided that if he asked for any thing again, i was going to break up with him.

We continued meeting at the usual point. We would talk and talk but i was always scared somebody would see us. He didn’t asf for anything from me again and i respected him more. Along the line, i realized that i was not attracted to him, i just like him as a friend. I also thought that he loved me and would do anything for me. I didnt realize dating was something serious, i thought “boyfriend” “girlfriend” was just a title. I decided i was going to stay away from him so that he would forget me.

I started giving excuses anytime he demanded to see me. I told him to let us stop meeting each other. I found an excuse: There was a day a teacher caught us at our usual spot and he had been looking at me like a bad girl ever since. He reluctantly agreed and i could see that he was very hurt. 

I thought we both agreed to not telling anyone we were dating but i didn’t know he told his friends about me already. I would lie to them whenever they asked me if i was dating him. I didn’t know i was making a fool of myself. I started telling lies just to make them agree that we weren’t dating and i would think they believed not knowing they were always mocking me behind my back and already tamed me a liar. His friends did it to the point that they all added me on 2go and would take turns in asking me if i was dating him to see what i would say and then screenshot it and send it to one another(men are truly scum).

I was really childlish to had believe my so-called boyfriend wouldn’t tell his friends. I was so devastated when i heard what his friends had been saying about me. I became very dull in school but i kept whatever happened to myself. I didnt know the news had gone viral and i was just keeping an “open secret”. My friends were really mad at me and i apologised for being a bad friend. 

I realized that i didn’t need a boyfriend as it wasn’t just for me. I couldn’t handle all the paparazzi that cane with it. I realized that i didn’t know about life enough and my so-called boyfriend taught me “nobody should be trusted”. I broke up with him after and i stopped talking to him. I also came to realize that people would always talk about you and you just have to ignore them. 

I moved on and the news soon died down. Thank God i didnt hug, kiss and have sex with him. I still remained a good girl afterall. He was expelled not long after because he tried to rape his new girlfriend. Thank God i broke up with him!

Lol. I was such a naive and childlish girl but now i have learnt a lot. You dont date for fun, dating entails a lot. I have become wiser now.peole come to meet for relationship advice.I just think all men are the same😣😣

The End


Your likes and comment would really mean a lot to me. I love you guys!!!



African parents can be so annoying.Im just 19 but my mum thinks not having a boyfriend is a “wahala”. I’m just not not interested in dating for now, its damn too stressful. Guys, i didnt know my mum had started telling her colleagues in the office what she considered a “problem”. One of her colleagues had told her about her son who was single and they decided to link us up.

My phone rang days after, i was in my hostel exhausted, due to the exams i was writing. I sha picked the call and don’t let me lie, i fell in love with the voice.Normally, i would have hung up the call but that his voice was too “fascinating”, i wanted him to talk more.He didnt tell me who gave him my number. I thought it was my elder sister because she had been talking about linking me up with a guy but i refused. Uncle started calling me everyday and i got irritated(lol, that is just the typical me).

I went home for the weekend and i gisted my siblings about this strange guy that had been calling me and they were all teasing me. My sister told me she gave no soul my number. I was in my mum’s room on her bed thinking about the food my sister was cooking and how i was going to to devour it. My mum patted me and asked me if any number had been calling me and i told her “yes”. She was feeling shy at this time and told me she gave him my number. In my mind,i was like “Thank God,i didnt curse the person that gave him my number”.She sha started preaching to me that i should try and give uncle a chance. I pretended as if i had listened to her and i could tell from her facial expression that she was pleased.

Uncle continued calling me as if his life depended on it and i got irritated day by day. I told him i needed to see his picture to atleast know who has been calling me.He told me he was not instagram but he was on facebook. He gave me his facebook handle and guess what? Uncle’s face did not match with his voice. Chai, thank God i asked to see his picture oh.

He noticed that i had changed towards him(me i like fine boys oh). He asked if i had seen his pictures on facebook and i lied. I told him the network on my phone was really bad(thank God i’m using glo). Uncle now spoilt everything by asking us to go on a date.I was reluctant at first but i was forced to go by my sisters.

I didnt even pick the dress I was going to wear to the date as i didnt care! I planned to wear any cloth i laid my hands on the next day.I went with my younger sister.We arrived 30 minutes after he got there and we apologised for arriving late.

He had already told me everything about his life on whatsapp so i told him not to do any introduction. He insisted he needed to introduce himself to my younger sister so i told him to carry on(like my sister dosen’t know already).

After their introduction “issh” which was already boring to me, he asked us what we would like it to eat and we told him not to worry(even though i wanted meatpie and ice cream badly). I knew the date might not end well so i didn’t want him to embarass us after. He started telling me how much he likes me in person, how beautiful i am , how he would want me to be his girlfriend. Chai, i got more irritated,you know when you don’t like a person and the person keeps saying stuffs like that😏😏😏.
I made it clear to him that we can only be friends and nothing more. Uncle got angry oh and he had the audacity to tell me he is just being responsible, he also went further by telling he knows how to deal with people like me. I was getting scared at this time and my sister was already staring at me that we should get out of the place. I jejely lowered my voice and told him we needed to leave.

Uncle refused oh, he said i should wait for thirty more minutes. I told him my youngers one were at home and i needed to leave immediately. He sha reluctantly agreed but told me i have to meet him again. I told him no problem (me that i know i won’t meet him again). We hurriedly left the place, i stopped one okada man and he took us to our house. 

My mum had been waiting for me to gist her about my date days after but i intentionally didnt tell her. She couldn’t help it any longer and she finally asked me. I gisted her and she laughed uncontrollably, she made fun of me that after all my mouth, someone else could have control over me. She told me not to meet him again as he was not the right guy for me (i was relieved). 

That is the end of my story. Lol, you guys can also share your worst date experience and let us have fun💋💋..Your comments and likes would really mean a lot to me as it would really encourage me to write more..I Love you guys.


20 Random facts about me!!!

Hi guys, i believe you guys would want to know one or two things about me.Here,im telling you guys twenty random facts about me!

  1. I am Nineteen years young.
  2. I love food a lot(i dream about food sometimes🙈)
  3. I am very shy..damn!
  4. I am very emotional, little things get to me.
  5. I am single.
  6. I love the smell of sand when its raining.
  7. I am very good at mimicking people.
  8. People laugh when i talk ,i think im funny🤗.
  9. I cry a lot.(just incase you need to hire someone to cry at a funeral, i’m available)lol.
  10. I love Rihanna.
  11. I make fun of myself before anyone else does.
  12. I am very choosy.(probably the reason i dont have a boyfriend).
  13. I love writing.
  14. Everybody that knows me know how i much i love my face(i dont allow people touch my face).
  15. I am always broke.
  16. My love for EBA is undescribable!!!
  17. I like to think i can sing.
  18. I have never kissed any boy before(i used to find “kissing” disgusting).
  19. I am a muslim.
  20. My life is boring.

So guys,i have just written 20 fun facts about me.Does anyone else share similar fact with me?i cant wait to share more stuffs with you guys💋💋

                                                Yours sincerely,