African parents can be so annoying.Im just 19 but my mum thinks not having a boyfriend is a “wahala”. I’m just not not interested in dating for now, its damn too stressful. Guys, i didnt know my mum had started telling her colleagues in the office what she considered a “problem”. One of her colleagues had told her about her son who was single and they decided to link us up.

My phone rang days after, i was in my hostel exhausted, due to the exams i was writing. I sha picked the call and don’t let me lie, i fell in love with the voice.Normally, i would have hung up the call but that his voice was too “fascinating”, i wanted him to talk more.He didnt tell me who gave him my number. I thought it was my elder sister because she had been talking about linking me up with a guy but i refused. Uncle started calling me everyday and i got irritated(lol, that is just the typical me).

I went home for the weekend and i gisted my siblings about this strange guy that had been calling me and they were all teasing me. My sister told me she gave no soul my number. I was in my mum’s room on her bed thinking about the food my sister was cooking and how i was going to to devour it. My mum patted me and asked me if any number had been calling me and i told her “yes”. She was feeling shy at this time and told me she gave him my number. In my mind,i was like “Thank God,i didnt curse the person that gave him my number”.She sha started preaching to me that i should try and give uncle a chance. I pretended as if i had listened to her and i could tell from her facial expression that she was pleased.

Uncle continued calling me as if his life depended on it and i got irritated day by day. I told him i needed to see his picture to atleast know who has been calling me.He told me he was not instagram but he was on facebook. He gave me his facebook handle and guess what? Uncle’s face did not match with his voice. Chai, thank God i asked to see his picture oh.

He noticed that i had changed towards him(me i like fine boys oh). He asked if i had seen his pictures on facebook and i lied. I told him the network on my phone was really bad(thank God i’m using glo). Uncle now spoilt everything by asking us to go on a date.I was reluctant at first but i was forced to go by my sisters.

I didnt even pick the dress I was going to wear to the date as i didnt care! I planned to wear any cloth i laid my hands on the next day.I went with my younger sister.We arrived 30 minutes after he got there and we apologised for arriving late.

He had already told me everything about his life on whatsapp so i told him not to do any introduction. He insisted he needed to introduce himself to my younger sister so i told him to carry on(like my sister dosen’t know already).

After their introduction “issh” which was already boring to me, he asked us what we would like it to eat and we told him not to worry(even though i wanted meatpie and ice cream badly). I knew the date might not end well so i didn’t want him to embarass us after. He started telling me how much he likes me in person, how beautiful i am , how he would want me to be his girlfriend. Chai, i got more irritated,you know when you don’t like a person and the person keeps saying stuffs like that😏😏😏.
I made it clear to him that we can only be friends and nothing more. Uncle got angry oh and he had the audacity to tell me he is just being responsible, he also went further by telling he knows how to deal with people like me. I was getting scared at this time and my sister was already staring at me that we should get out of the place. I jejely lowered my voice and told him we needed to leave.

Uncle refused oh, he said i should wait for thirty more minutes. I told him my youngers one were at home and i needed to leave immediately. He sha reluctantly agreed but told me i have to meet him again. I told him no problem (me that i know i won’t meet him again). We hurriedly left the place, i stopped one okada man and he took us to our house. 

My mum had been waiting for me to gist her about my date days after but i intentionally didnt tell her. She couldn’t help it any longer and she finally asked me. I gisted her and she laughed uncontrollably, she made fun of me that after all my mouth, someone else could have control over me. She told me not to meet him again as he was not the right guy for me (i was relieved). 

That is the end of my story. Lol, you guys can also share your worst date experience and let us have funπŸ’‹πŸ’‹..Your comments and likes would really mean a lot to me as it would really encourage me to write more..I Love you guys.


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